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Get, Set and TYPE

Posted on: May 18, 2009

I’m very fond of typing (but not for my teacher’s work anyway) and that’s the reason I’ve not left almost any good software to practice.. Be it: Typing Warrior, The Typing of the Dead (awesome), Typing Master, and few other locales…, these all softs. comes and goes away but the idea on which I’m still strucked is an online website.. whoa! It’s fantastic.. its’ Typeracer.. just go through that site and there will be no need to tell what exactly that is.
On Typeracer you can compete the ‘human’ users from entire world, you can practice ( though I haven’t tried it yet 😐 ) and you can also compete your friends online.


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[…] a superb Software Engineer or a perfect Webmaster. Leaving this aside I’m a good typist, 77wpm average in last record. I believe in Open Source and just use Linux: Ubuntu (though it can’t […]

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