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JEE Solutions for my mates…

Posted on: May 18, 2009

I got through many JEE ’09 solutions available on net and tried to take out best from that so that all aspirants of JEE ’10 could be benefited from that… and of course, it took much time of mine but no regret coz it’s good. Well yeah, FIITJEE , Narayana, and BT’s solutions are usually considered as ‘precise’ but argh! though I answered few questions ‘accurately’ but when I matched the reasons and my solutions with their’s, that was utter different… So without fiddling with my fingers more..
Here is the material:

IIT JEE ’09 – Complete Paper 1

IIT JEE ’09 – Paper 2: Chemistry
; Physics

One more thing to all Narayana’s friends who mistakenly reached here, if anyone wish to have Electrostatic’s module of Brilliant Tutorial (ebook) then you can let me know by writing ‘comments’.

And hey.. if you really downloaded it, then don’t forget to comment and Subscribe

PS: Chemistry (arranged) teacher of today gave me an idea of polling in IIT’s subjects so as fun you can poll on “Which subject you wanna remove from JEE’s syllabi” available on sidebar of site.

PPS: Hey Kapil, search your PC again for our swf docs… I will try to make a fantastic thing by FLASH.



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[…] at, I felt that there is an immediate need to have any kind of study material. As I told in my earlier post that I can come out with module of Brilliant Tutorial, if anyone wishes, so here it goes. The module […]

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