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Techeez Quiz 2008 archive.

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Finale theme

Finale theme

Hey everyone (who may ‘mistakenly’ reached here),

From the time I came to my school (class 9th), I spent my X class participating in Web Designing competitons, winning most of them ( not 9th because I was new kid at bloke, and there was rarely anyone who knew me). But since when I came to class XI, becuase of class preferences in most of the school, legitimately I was not permitted to participate in HTML events anymore so at that time only way out was participating in Quiz competitions (not C++ because XII class fellows were aligned to participate there and they were really capable to win), I started preparing myself for quizzes with few of my fellows.

The first event I participated was of JKPS , “TECHEEZ 2008”, I participated in that event with S.Chandra. Got there, qualified for finals and then lost it. No regret though, it was my first new event to participate and I was a bit slow to response. @prateekvijay (from New Era Public School) also paritipated in that event and he won that too… and really he deserved that, I saw him answering to manmeet and confusedforeternity. (hosts of quiz)

So here is those question of finale which I got from Manmeet.

Techeez 2008 JKPS Download (ppt)
(odt version)

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