Weird Network : short way to ‘short’ away

Posted on: May 25, 2009

Last year S.Chandra with an un-necessary bargain agreed to tell the secret behind .tk , actually he made a blog with blogger (which he managed religiously for 2 days) and named his blog as ( I think ). I was a bit surprised how he did that. Then after few rounds of convincing he told about .

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It is a site from where one can easily rename a long URL to a website like domain ( just like, etc etc). Specialty of this site is that from this you can have a domain like name (example: for your website / page. I used it too and renamed many URL’s. Earlier I used it on a blog and recently ( 5 months earlier ) I used it for renaming a long URL of ‘free’ ebook’s site . As far I know there is no difficulty to understand that site coz it’s hardly made of 2-3 pages. But still one can ask any query here in comment section.

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3 Responses to " : short way to ‘short’ away"

hey when u’ll b posting more content? Earlier u said dat u will be posting more.. One thing more, please give me ur new email id .. that yahoo one is not wrking. I need your answer for my troubles at C++ and ma PC. Reply soon.

Sorry for replying late. Thanks for commenting. I’ll be posting as soon I get the time, but no chance for few days (or months) because there is lot of work to complete. You can be in contact by
-Ankur Nathaniel

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