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TeamViewer: Operate Calloborately

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Many a times you must have got need to operate your system remotely or probably felt a necessity of working ‘calloborately’ haven’t you? But all these thoughts go in vain while thinking about the solution to do so.. I mean operating the system at long distance is not an easy task afterall. Personally, commanding anyone to operate creates lot of hurdles.
Well there is a solution, an easy and effective one. TeamViewer, a small and interactive application to operate another system quite easily, just like virtual machine in your system itself. You will get this more clear if you will see this:

This is how it creates interface.

This is how it creates interface.

Operating the application

Operating the application. Click to ZOOM

Wholla.. Result is out..

Wholla.. Result is out.. Click to ZOOM

How it actually helped me?
Well, this software has helped me greatly to help few buddies in their machine’s and softwares problems, it is to be mentioned that it allowed me to use Microsoft Maths in others computer while I was having XP SP 1.

So guys, what are you waiting for?
Download this software simply by clicking here:



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