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How to run Turbo C++ in Windows 7 in full Screen.

Posted on: February 24, 2011

This tutorial will guide you how to run Turbo C++ in Windows 7 or Windows Vista (and other 64-bit Windows OS) in full screen mode.

Note: We have transferred to new domain to cover all tech stuff. Visit: . This tutorial is available here

Command being 16-bit application doesn’t allow itself to run in full-screen mode in these Operating System. Whenever tried, one will be greeted with the image shown.

Same goes with Turbo C++ (tc.exe). It is also command originated and thus, will not let you work on full screen mode. There are some unexpected crashes which one may have to endure.

In order to aid, we will use a 32-bit emulator application called as DosBox.

  1. If you haven’t grabbed Turbo C++ setup, download it from here.
  2. Create a new folder in your C:  and rename it to ‘turbo’ [or anyone you feel like]. Reason for doing it will be mentioned as you read.
  3. Now, run the installed setup file [TC3setup.exe] and give the extraction position as
  4. Now, download the DosBox setup from here
  5. Install DosBox in your system.
  6. Now run DosBox. A command prompt type window will appear. Now note that there is a difference between the command prompt our system is equipped with and this version of command prompt. This emulator is 32-bit in contrary to native 16-bit prompt, therefore, allowing you to run it in full screen mode.
  7. In this window, we now need to mount the folder via this command:    This tells about the reason behind creating another directory while extracting TC3setup.exe. Mounting works relative to a folder, here Turbo.
  8. Work is almost done. Now, type “C:” to mount above mounted drive.
    To list the content of this mounted space, type ‘dir’
  9. Type

    >cd tc
    >cd bin

    to reach within subdirectories for tc.exe
    Now type tc and press Enter.
    Press Alt + Enter to go in Full Screen Mode.

This task may look all so tedious. But, everything can be automated in a single go.
Once you have successfully managed to run it in full screen mode, you can easily automate the process by editing configuration file. You can drop comments below in case of any problem to get through.

To run TC automatically on running DosBox:

Search for “DosBox” in start menu.
Now click on DosBox 0.74 Options

A configuration file in Notepad will be opened.

Go till the end of the document and add following lines there:

mount c c:\turbo


cd tc/bin


Save this file and exit from notepad.

Run DosBox again. Voilla! It will take you straight to TuboC++.


184 Responses to "How to run Turbo C++ in Windows 7 in full Screen."

thanks you big big

i had install dosbox…and now it works on full screen also… there is 1 problem when i run my program it shows error of libraries and evn fatal error ,bt i whn i used to do same work in a small window without any help of dosbox it runs correctly….. so do tell me in dosbox why it is not running properly?????/

@Shubina; That can be solved easily. I explained that above. Turbo C requires relative path for running it. It means, that you need to mount your directory of tc in dosbox in such a way that you are able to access it as : C:\tc\bin\tc.exe .
You must have been using the format as : C:\bin\tc.exe.
So, just create another folder (say, “new”) and extract tc folder in it.
Then “mount new”
After it, it is fairly easy.
cd tc\bin\

when i type tc.exe , it will print unable to accept and when i made a new folder in tc that is another tc then it wiil print illegal command

Hello AnkurG… Till now i understood the part of launching c++… but am stuck with that mounting library files 😦 please help… i dont understand what to do… well i mounted and launched tc… and the dos shell s gone! so exitted and again launched the shell, after that m unsure what u told…

Are you running TC.exe from the path I specified, or via bin? I am unable to exactly infer where you are stucked. Try, and if problem persists, mail me at allnewankur[at]gmail[dot]com
Good luck

my program doesn’t run when i press ctrl+F9…
plz help me to run my program…..!!!!!!!!!

Ctrl + F9 is the shortcut to terminate DosBox application. So, instead of compiling your program, it quits it.
To ‘Compile & Run’. Press Alt + R to go in Run Menu. Then, choose ‘Run’ to perform that function.
Also, Ctrl + F9 can though be assigned to perform that function for you but, you will not wish to get into it’s details. 🙂 . Do let me know if you do.

i am having the same problem bt after using ur above way my cursor isnt working in the program.n can u also tel how to configure cltr+f9 as run.plz help asap

thanks a big time!!!

sir plz tell how to use turbo directly for the beginning


Press Alt+Enter. It will work in Full Screen.

it says unable to change to:tc!!WT TO DO…PLZZ HELP..

Upload TC folder in C:\new
use this command in DosBox:
mount c c:\new
Then type- C:
cd tc\bin

thanks a lot……….

c++ now in full screen bt i can not do any work on it its not working i mean i can not type can not use mouse bt in small window it run plz help me

i have same problem

great ,
i will try it
Tk domain shortener

the alt+enter is not working bro…. T_T

It will work. Try another combination of Left/Right Alt key + Enter. If it still doesn’t work, then right click the title bar of Dosbox window and go in ‘Properties’. An option for Full Screen must be present there. 🙂
Good Luck.

I have also the same problem. Tried both combination of Alt + Enter. The result is same, i.e., hanged full screen. Right clicking Title box of Dosbox does not give any “Properties” tag.

I am using Win 7 Pro 32 bit. Please help me with some other option.

same here bro, when i press alt+enter, blank black screen appears. help me.

You sure that TC worked normally in unmaximized screen? Make sure that you followed all the steps mentioned above correctly and try again.
Good luck. 🙂

turbo C is run in dosbox but it is not save program in folder

It does. Just check the relative position where you are ‘actually’ storing your programs. Good luck . 🙂

even i have started writing blog on this and i have written a post on how to run graphics program in Windows 7,if anybody is interested ,please visit at

hiii bro
i have a problem in running c++ in windows 7
after typing cd tc
it will give a message unable to open tc
plz help me

Probably you are mounting wrong folder. Do one thing. Before typing cd tc command, type dir
This command will list all directories present. Then use cd command and directory-result(which popped in by dir command) to go in that directory. 🙂

hello i got fullscreen mode……….but when i compile it, it shows error as “unable to open include

goto options\directories and change paths,u will able to include all header files. 🙂

it is aying that this program must be run under microsoft windows what should i do plz reply urgent

Thnx a lot dude……I was so irritated n it finally worked.thnx a ton again!!!!!!!!

run TC automatically on running DosBox is not working. pls help

i have error at compile the program.
error is “unable to open include file ‘gaphics.h'”
how can i solve this?
please help me………..

i think it it is graphics.h

hey thanks bro but i have one doubt while running graphics program i get an error message sayin “use egavga.bgi”

nice one!

THE Alt+Enter is working but when it goes to fullscreen mode it isnt responding ie mouse n cursor dosnt move . . . . pls HELP immdly

It may happen on the first time installation. Try restarting.

I followed the steps and installed both applications on my system ….
bt when i press alt+enter , black screen appears ……the screen is blank …so i have to get back to small window.
this happens while i run turbo c++ in DOSBOX 0.74
the title bar of small window shows ” DOSBOX 0.74 Cpu speed:max 100% cycles, Frameship 0,Program tc”
configuration of my system is
RAM :3.00 GB

please help
thanks in advance.

Is TC working perfectly fine before you press Alt+Enter? Please note that it should, otherwise, you unfollowed some step somewhere.

thank you! but how can I get out from a running/error program? and the window isn’t the same like if we run turbo c by cmd.

Try pressing Ctrl + Break to break out. Send screenshot to me at allnewankur[at]gmail[dot]com . I think it must work perfectly fine. It does.

Keyboard and mouse problem when switch to fullscreen mode.
try change

it worked!!! for me.

Thanks a lot for the tip. 🙂
I’ll try it too and will update the post if it succeeds.

i have a problem in running program using arrays
please help me

Send problematic code example.

@muskan: Hope your problem is solved now. If not, send me your query over allnewankur[at]gmail[dot]com
Good day.

in full screen i cant type or move my mouse but in window in can do every thing

I’ll try to look in this regard.

i have error at compile the program.
error is “unable to open include file ‘gaphics.h’”
how can i solve this?
please help me………..

Because the name of the file is not ‘garphics.h’; it is ‘graphics. h’.
All the best. 🙂
-Ankur Goel.

help me
when i run a program then dosbox is close.
how to i run??

Don’t use Ctrl+F9 to run the program. Either do it manually or use Alt Shortcut to go to menu first and navigate to Run.

my program show error that unable to open include file ‘iostream.h’
unable to open include file ‘conio.h’
my directories are c:\INCLUDE
please help me…….


Please follow the directory pattern I specified in the post again. You must have done it wrong.

Hey, I’ve got a problem. I tried a tc program to draw a circle. The code is correct, but every time i execute the program , dosbox exits. . . Pls help . . .
System Specs:
Processor : Intel core i5
Ram: 4gb
Graphics Card : nVidia geforce GT525M . . .


the full screen has appeared but when i have typed the program and when run it shows”unable to include conio.h”.if there is directories problems please tell me how to set that directories and what to write in that directories.

in dosbox program of tc, when i compile program it gives an error of unable to open include header file eventhough directories are properly set

in dosbox program of tc, when i compile program it gives an error of unable to open include header file eventhough directories are properly set

Are you sure you followed the instructions correctly? I specially specified to strictly follow the directory pattern.
Do cross-check it, it is the same problem.

If the problems still remains. Send me the screenshot at allnewankur[at]gmail[dot]com

fullscreen is working…bt program is not responding to any of my commands…while in normal window its working perfectly fine…plz help..thank you..

Well, try it again. DosBox emulator is not 100% compatible as far as I know. Your case could be the one in gray. If it still doesn’t work, give it a last shot by uninstalling and following the process again.
All the best.

Thank you very very much Mr.
tomorrow is my c exam and i need this thanx to you
may god gives all his blessings to you and some blessings to me also so that my exam will rocks(lol)
thanx sir
a big salute to you

🙂 Glad it helped you so much Sidharth.
Hope your exam was well. Best of luck ahead.

dosbox work in fullscreen mode but afterv one program is run sucessfully
for another mouse didn’t move i tried dosbox option to correct mouse lock but nothing happens.

Why you need mouse to work, anyway? Use keyboard shortcuts, Prabhakar. Mouse is tiresome, no?

in my tc\bgi the graphics related some application is not there so from where i can download it.

It originally works. All libraries are at place. Check what syntax you are using. You need to use double \\ to mention the address in graphics program, afaik.

i finished download… wen i click [TC3setup.exe] …. its shows…

The version of this flies is not compatible with the version of windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

wat i must do… can anyone pls help me pls soon……………

I’ll provide you with unzipped file version of TC. Wait. 🙂

i am getting an fatal msg that” unable to open out file”.plz help me.

awesome it worked

Awesome! Glad it helped out.

I am using alt + enter , it goes full screen then is stops working what should i do please help


Using alt + Enter , it does work but then gets stuck what should i do please help


You sure that TC worked normally in unmaximized screen? Make sure that you followed all the steps mentioned above correctly and try again.
Good luck.

hi! i hv taken the setup of turbo C++ from my frnd with dos box already installed in it. according to my set up ijust have to click on C:- turboC++-Dosbox……it opens in fullscreen but mouse and keyboard get hanged but the same work properly in small screen…

Thank You very much guys…………..

Thanks a lot sir. It’s work properly. But when i quit the window one message displayed “c:\turbo3\bin>”. so i don’t know what i write and quit window. plz help..

Simply write ‘exit’ and you are good to go. 🙂

c:\TC>cd bin
unable to change to: bin.

how can i solve this problem

You followed some step incorrectly. Type ‘dir’ to list what you have in present directory. Go through steps again for more help.
Good luck.

thank you sir….
but now it say invalid directory. when i click ok, c++ program runs.
any problem here?

As long as your program is running comfortably, you shouldn’t worry about that part.
If you still want to rectify it, check that your TC actually has BIN or not. Pick up the link of setup from post and try using that with same instructions. Will work.:)
Good luck.

HEy ihave installed this program but while compiling it shows 5 errors and it is as follows:
Error. PALINDRO.CPP.1 Unable to open include file ‘IOSTREAM.H’
Error. PALINDRO.CPP.2 Unable to open include file ‘CONIO.H’
Error. PALINDRO.CPP.7 Undifined symbol ‘cout
Error. PALINDRO.CPP.8 Undifined symbol ‘cin’
why is it so please help me

It is quite possible that you you missed some instruction from above. Please make sure that you have exact path in DosBox as seen on screenshot above. 🙂

hellooo dude , i have a problem … when i am going to run any graphics program in turbo c through dosbox then i am getting error.. it specify dat it cant detect the graphics driver.. loaded in bgi folder.. i gave the path as
“c:\\turbo\\tc\\bgi”.. turbo is the folder in which tc software exist. and i already given all the necessary header file like graphics.h and all need t run the program. plzz help me as soon as possible../

Are you sure that your Dosbox showed this path: “C:\turbo\tc\bin>” before you entered “tc” to run c++? If yes, then you missed out certain step from above. It must look something like “C:\tc\bin” instead. If this is set, just give ‘C:\\tc\\bgi’ in your graphics program. It will run.
All the best.

Fullscreen mode not working at all!! Please help

If Dosbox is not working on full screen even after Alt+Enter. Apparently your OS architecture doesn’t support Full screen at all. Change OS. Perhaps, you are on 64-bit OS.

No Ankur, I am on 32-bit Windows 7 Professional

Has it been resolved now?
Sorry, I wasn’t around my blog from quite a time.

How to open Dosbox in notepad?

There is no such thing like opening Dosbox in notepad. Go through the instructions and descriptions again.
All the best. 🙂

i have a problem after instaling c++ it is not working well it shows these error like unable to open iostream.h
——————————- conio.h
un defined symbol cout
means no header file is responding

Go through other comments, this issue has already been answered. 🙂

hi i have installed and it works great but it is unable to locate conio.h & stdio.h is what should i do????now

If iostream.h is included successfully, there is no reason for stdio.h or conio.h to not to work. Check in INCLUDE directory in substructure, if those files are present or not.
Let me know.
All the best. 🙂


My TC.EXE is here
and Include Folder is here
so shall i put in Directories option as below?

Include Directories:

Yes, if you are getting this address in DosBox config. 🙂

oh wow !!! its realy working…..

Glad it helped you.
Keep coding. 🙂

after switching to full screen mode none of d keyboard keys & mouse work….plzzzzzz tell m d solution…i hav i5 up with 64 bit win 7 os

Try going in Full Screen mode on DosBox. If the mouse and keyboard works on that screen, then I think it must work with Turbo C++ as well.
If TC continues to disappoint you, I’ll suggest you to us Dev-CPP.
Good luck 🙂

when i type “c:” it says that there is no disk c ????:(

Looks like you didn’t mount the drive. Follow the tutorial once more and let me know. 🙂

not working in full screen mode,unable to type,even the cursor is not moving?

Yeah, looks like this only solution to run TC in full screen isn’t fullproof. You should check out dev-cpp. Also, try the tutorial once more; it might work magically. Worth a shot. 🙂

when i paste comments in dosbox notepad it doesnot saved as it shows access is denied

In dosbox notepad ? This is ambiguous. Please to elaborate. 🙂

OK it’s running in full screen…
but it’s not compiling….not showing black screen for output…..
please help me out

Compile-and-run from menu above. It will work if it worked so far. 🙂
Good luck.

my mouse pointer is not working in full screen mode.. please give me the sution. my os is windows7 ultimate 64-bit

If mouse is not working, then avoid it in Turbo C++. The only place, you may require mouse is for menu options. You can navigate there by using Alt+(combination) key. For example: Alt+F to go in file menu and then arrow keys for appropriate option. Similarly, Alt+C for Compile menu (I think).. etc.

when i try to compile my file it is showing “unable to create output file” tor ex”swarup.obj”

Are there any other errors present? If this is the only one, then permission problems might be there. If others error related to library existence is there, then you gave up at some place in tutorial.
Let me know. 🙂

thank you so much…. i had no problems in any of the steps

I’m glad that it was helpful to you. 🙂

Not working in fullscreen i tried restarting too but it looks like an image displayed to me neither the keyboard nor the mouse is working I have done the procedure as per your steps please help when in small screen it works smoothly!!!???????

Not working in fullscreen i tried restarting too but it looks like an image displayed to me neither the keyboard nor the mouse is working I have done the procedure as per your steps please help when in small screen it works smoothly!!!???????
*I am using 64b it laptop i3 2nd gen

DosBox does have issues with Turbo C++ in many systems. If it doesn’t work for you. I’ll seriously advice you to use a standard compiler (say, DevCPP) . Using it is as simple as that of TC.
Differences – no conio.h file is present in latter; and you have to use #include in place of #include
also, after header files, specify – using namespace std;
Then, you are good to go. 🙂

“illegal command: ” while running a program..wat to do ? 😦

Give more log. 🙂 Pastebin the code and give the link.
Good luck.

hi, i tried to run this program, but while running it the whole window gets closed. pls check and tell..
void main()
int gd=DETECT,gm;

If you are using Ctrl + F9, then don’t use that. Compile by going to menu instead. Ctrl + F9 is also the shortcut to close Dosbox, and probably that is being triggered.

it s unable to open include file “iostream.h” n conio.h…..

thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss a lot :))))))))))))))))

Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

hey.. i m gtng d same probs my mouse n keyboard doesnt move vhn i get full screen n dos box
acc to ur abv recmndatns instld dev c++
cn u plz tell d diffrncs btwn dev c++ n turbo c..

he i cant save the readme file…..


in its folder in c drive…..

me too

Skip the file. README is not important as such. You mean, README from the TurboC++ or Dosbox unzip, right?

hey the header files are not getting compiled……..
the programs are not getting run

as u said i did but it’s not working so what i have to do????
plss suggest me yarrr i m not able to do it.
pls pls reply me fastly . m waiting

Thanku very much…

my compiler runs and everything ….. and i dont really mind the small screen …….. but my compiler , after running once crashes…. can u help me out please…….. its really urgent ….. i hav an exam…. i need the practice

solved very big problem of C++ programming…thank you

my program is running……..i can’t see the output while running…….i can see the output only at the second time when i am running the program….ie..once i enter the inputs and press enter it exits the output screen

That is the problem in your programming. Use conio.h header file and getch() function to create a pause. or something like cin.get(ch).

I run the program in minimized window, actually don’t want to run it in full screen while I type my code. The problem is when running in the minimized window the cursor gets stuck inside and I can’t pull it out of the program. Is there any command that can release the control of the cursor from the program when running in the minimized windows mode?

when i open dosbox, it shows the last program i did by itself, than i need to open a new window n close the 1st one as it shows last prog… how can i get rid of this problem.. ??

That is built-in TC, not in dosbox. After completion of your work, press Alt+F3 to close the programs and then exit. Doing this, next time you open TC, you will be given the blank slate.

i’m using dos box on xp, also m unable to use it on full screen mode on win7 professional.
i do press alt+enter but its not working.

It should work fine with Windows 7 as well. Dosbox not getting to full screen even by Alt+Enter? Is your Windows 64-bit?

yupp… on my lappy its working olryt on win7 home basic, but in my pc its not working.

n i use dosbox turboc app stil last prob comes by itself when i open the app.

Your PC may have 64 bit edition of Windows 7. It sometimes doesn’t allow Dosbox(or any other DOS program) to run in full screen either. You may consider using Dev-CPP instead of Turbo C for that, or downgrade your windows for TC.
good luck

I have tried for c++ full screen every where but at last I get it from her.Its really working.this is true.Thanku…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad it worked for you.
All the best. 🙂

I’ve installed it and it runs perfectly except I can’t input any variables. Whenever I do, I displays a 0 in the next line and the program terminates. Any help?

That must be program oriented, in my opinion. I have never seen TC behave differently like this.
Pastebin the code you are trying to compile and then, maybe I could help.

thanxxx u very much……

Welcome. 🙂 Glad it helped you out.

output is not coming………

That depends on what program you coded. Normally, if you are able to compile and run TC on full screen in DosBox, you’ll be able to see the output as well. 🙂

when i type cd tc it shows unable to chage to tc .
please help me solve it

Follow the instructions again. You did something wrong while setting up the directory structure. 🙂
All the best


use windows+tab.

good job ..
Thanks a lot

when i typed the last step for getting c++ ,ie,c:\TC\BIN>tc,it displayed,failed to locate DPMI server(DPMI16BI.OVL).pls find a solution for this problem and reply as fast as you can.

please help me ankur sir ,i have got my c exam, pls reply today itself, i m waiting for your reply how to solve this problem,i have mentioned it above,i m sitting in front of the my pc waiting for your reply.i need so much of practice in doing c++.please do help me.

So sorry for late reply. I had been busy for a while and couldn’t reply to any message on blog at all.
Are you still facing the problem?
Let me know, I’ll try to help.

Cheers. 🙂

It is working but not coming in full screen mode

uable to change to tc………….what i do

Already replied above. Follow the steps again and carefully. 🙂
Good luck.

c:\>cd tc
unable to change to: tc
what i do

Follow the steps carefully from starting. You probably didn’t unzip at correct place or didn’t follow the sequence correctly. 🙂
Good luck.

mouse not working and very slow

This maybe system oriented. Just try to use keyboard shortcuts for a while. 🙂

After successfully run program my dos-box is not able to run any thing.
I am also not able to click on compile another time…
Plz help

When I press ALT + Enter DOS box is getting exit. Can u pls help?

It shouldn’t exit like this. Can you uninstall dosbox and repeat the steps carefully from start? If it happens again, sadly doesn’t look there is any other solution which is applicable to solve this problem

hello sir
i have done what you told me but when i open dosbox i am unable to put double qutes back slash etc. what to do sir

Err., which step are you talking about, again?

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