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I am subscriber of Hindustan Times newspaper and thanks to Jesus its’ authorities are not fond of showing crappy news. Once in a week, they give some technological tips (some of them are already known, but some are not). Recently I got through an article for blending of sounds under a techo. title featuring Audacity. Read it and then surfed it on net. What all i got from their official site is:

Audacity logo

A fast, cross-platform audio editor

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor for Linux/Unix, MacOS and Windows. It is designed for easy recording, playing and editing of digital audio. Audacity features digital effects and spectrum analysis tools. Editing is very fast and provides unlimited undo/redo.

Supported file formats include Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AU.

The first thing that sounded good was: its’ free open source software Wow!. I am thinking to download it very soon ( MTNL’s connection is fluctuating, that’s why I couldn’t be online for long ) .

So review is coming soon

Till then you can experience it yourself and comment how did you like it.

Download (Windows users)

Linux users

System requirements

PS: Linux users should prefer ‘Add/Remove Programs’ to install Audacity

Installation in Ubuntu: Linux

Installation in Ubuntu: Linux


I'm  on the third bench (1st row from right) in green blazers... Schandra beside me

I'm on the third bench (1st row from right) in green blazers... Schandra beside me

Seeing this pics all what I comment is that: those guys should have inform before clicking the pic so as to get myself ready for the pic.. it’s just like 10 MP wasted on ‘nothing’.
PS: I seriously think that I need to purchase a good digicam soon or a mobile may work.

This pics are not clicked by any of my acquittance, I got it from the official site of DPS RKP’s Exun Group

2nd bench right side.. hm.. not at all visible though, I myself noticed it one minute before

2nd bench right side.. hm.. not at all visible though, I myself noticed it one minute before


Finale theme

Finale theme

Hey everyone (who may ‘mistakenly’ reached here),

From the time I came to my school (class 9th), I spent my X class participating in Web Designing competitons, winning most of them ( not 9th because I was new kid at bloke, and there was rarely anyone who knew me). But since when I came to class XI, becuase of class preferences in most of the school, legitimately I was not permitted to participate in HTML events anymore so at that time only way out was participating in Quiz competitions (not C++ because XII class fellows were aligned to participate there and they were really capable to win), I started preparing myself for quizzes with few of my fellows.

The first event I participated was of JKPS , “TECHEEZ 2008”, I participated in that event with S.Chandra. Got there, qualified for finals and then lost it. No regret though, it was my first new event to participate and I was a bit slow to response. @prateekvijay (from New Era Public School) also paritipated in that event and he won that too… and really he deserved that, I saw him answering to manmeet and confusedforeternity. (hosts of quiz)

So here is those question of finale which I got from Manmeet.

Techeez 2008 JKPS Download (ppt)
(odt version)

Do comment


I just spotted Google’s new logo (for the day) on Google’s site. Google’s documentation for this is as follows:


The 47 million year old fossilized remains of a primate is seen at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Feast your eyes on what a group of scientists call the Holy Grail of human evolution.

A team of researchers Tuesday unveiled an almost perfectly intact fossil of a 47 million-year-old primate they say represents the long-sought missing link between humans and apes.

Officially known as Darwinius masillae, the fossil of the lemur-like creature dubbed Ida shows it had opposable thumbs like humans and fingernails instead of claws.

Scientists say the cat-sized animal’s hind legs offer evidence of evolutionary changes that led to primates standing upright – a breakthrough that could finally confirm Charles Darwin‘s theory of evolution.

“This specimen is like finding the Lost Ark for archeologists,” lead scientist Jorn Hurum said at a ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History.

“It is the scientific equivalent of the Holy Grail. This fossil will probably be the one that will be pictured in all textbooks for the next 100 years.”

A team of amateur fossil hunters discovered the near-perfect remains inside a mile-wide crater outside of Frankfurt in 1983.

Experts believe the pit was a volcanic caldera where scores of animals from the Eocene epoch were killed and their remains were kept remarkably well-preserved.

Though the pit has been a bountiful source of other fossils, the inexperienced archeologists didn’t realize the value of their find.

Years later, the University of Oslo bought the 95%-intact fossil, and Hurum studied it in secret for two years.

His colleague, Jens Franzen, hailed the discovery as “the eighth wonder of the world.”

“We’re not dealing with our grand, grand, grandmother, but perhaps with our grand, grand, grand aunt,” Franzen said.

The unveiling of the fossil came as part of a carefully-orchestrated publicity campaign unusual for scientific discoveries.

A History Channel film on the discovery will air next week.

A book release and a slew of other documentaries will follow.

Disclaimer: Content taken from web

Fact: First google computerized logo was designed by Sergey Brin in 1988 using GIMP. GIMP is an image editor software used in most of Linux distributions. I do not know about this much but GIMP interface is perfect, just like Adobe Photoshop offers. Personally, I am using the same in Ubuntu.

Linux --> Linux + Windows
Linux –> Linux + Windows

For all enthutiasts of Linux, here is a post for dual booting from Linux –> Linux + Windows XP.

Personally, I have been using Ubuntu Intrepid from past month and I’m quite enjoying it too. All those work which I considered as loopholes or ‘the things I wanted’ in Windows XP are available to serve on Ubuntu. Many of you must be thinking that I should have post another way around, that is ‘Windows –> Windows + Linxu’ but why I’m doing it’s reciprocal. Well the answer is simple, I wish to have Ubuntu as my primary OS then Windows as secondary (that too for work of my sisters). So I feel that I should install XP as secondary OS in my HDD (will tweak whenever I will get time).

So here the step goes:

Step 1:
Scenario: You want to install XP on your machine alongside your existing Linux installation on the same physical drive which already has Ubuntu 8.04 installed.
Tutorial Summary: We’ll create space on the Linux partition to install Windows XP. XP bootloader is fairly clumsy when it comes to dualbooting and will overwrite GRUB completely. We’ll reinstall GRUB to the MBR and configure it to dualboot both Ubuntu and XP.

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any kind of data loss or for the fate of your system

Grub Backup
Grub Backup : Click to zoom

Step 2:
Back up the GRUB boot menu
Regardless of which bootloader you end up using, it’s a very good move to first back up the GRUB bootloader. It’s easy to lose it and unless you know how to re-write it from scratch then you’re generally facing a full reinstallation of Ubuntu.

Firstly, boot into Ubuntu and go to Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal. Then, type in sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst.

This text file contains all the information GRUB uses to configure various boot options. Scroll down and the entries between “## ## End Default Options ##” and “### END DEBIAN AUTOMATIC KERNELS LIST” are the Linux boot options.

Step 4 : ... continue              [//made being offline]
click to zoom.

Make a backup of the file by going to File, Save As and selecting a different location. Or take a full copy of the contents and place it into a new text file. If you can, create the backup on a removable disk or networked location.
Step 3:
Make space for XP
Now we need to create space on the hard drive for XP, so this will involve resizing the main Ubuntu partition. Restart the system using the Ubuntu Live CD as this gives you access to GNOME Partition Editor. When the CD loads, select “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer”.
Editing Partition using Partition Editor
Once the CD loads, go to System, Administration, Partition Editor.
Handling the drives: scrshot from Ankur's Ubuntu
Right-click on the main data partition which has been formatted with ext3 – it should be /dev/sda1 – and select “Resize/Move”
Resizing the partition: making space for XP
Move the slider from the right to shrink the ext3 partition and create free space on the hard drive, which will take the NTFS XP partition. Make sure that the free space is sufficient to hold XP (at least 2GB – preferably 5GB). Then click “Resize/Move” to confirm the selection, and “Apply” back in the main screen to carry out the pending change.

Step 5:
Offline DB
Offline DB 2
Offline DB 3

Thta’s it! Now you have been upgraded from Linux (Ubuntu) to Ubuntu + Windows XP..

Do comment.

To all Narayanaians, as you all know that we have not yet got any module from the insti. And the questions they are asking in CPTs are needed to be glared at, I felt that there is an immediate need to have any kind of study material. As I told in my earlier post that I can come out with module of Brilliant Tutorial, if anyone wishes, so here it goes.
The module is of Electrostatics by Brilliant Tutorials.
Disclaimer: I am not in favour of pirating the material, just giving the links of what I got from web

Password: maryland

Note: The link for material is procured from other website.

Magic Boss Key: an app I came to know about 2 years before and been using it since then.

What’s so special in this?

Magic Boss Key allow you to hide active program window immediatlly using a hot key!You can hide the browser windows,folder windows,applications
windows,all your desktop icons and taskbar when your boss or anyone else you don’t want to see your screens comes in.It’s speed is brought to maximum to allow you react as quickly as possible to any threat that appears. You won’t feel even a slight difference in the performance of your home or office computer
after installing it.With a cool and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use EfreeSoft Boss Key. Everybody should have such program for personal privacy.Content from official site.

How this works?

Well using this is as simple as using a nail cutter. Just when an immediate need is strucked to hide something, all you need to do is pressing both buttons (left and right) of mouse together or you can prefer using F12 key (I use it because I do not use mouse much). Just when you take one of the action mentioned above, everything from the screen will be dissolved in a single flick and all what you will get is the screen of desktop. Re-using the combination will resume the content back on the screen. Isn’t it great 😕 ?

NOTE: Only for Windows user. Any Linux’s distro or Mac OS do not support this. Don’t sure about Wine though. 😐 .

I used it till last few months but not now because I’m not using Windows anymore.

Any query regarding this will be entertained.


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