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Just after update in Gmail’s tag configuration, finally removing ‘beta’ from its product, Google has came up with one more buzz through it’s Official Blog post. They have almost finally announced the release of Google Chrome OS.

As they say themselves that Chrome OS will be faster and more reliable then any other OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc). OS is an interface between user and machine to work as per user wish. The main thing they are featuring is that almost every work will be done through web-based applications. It means as Ankur Banerjee mentioned: ‘Google Chrome OS (not the browser) is based on the concept of having a minimal interface with every work being done using a web application. Want to create/edit documents? Use Google Docs. Want to edit a picture? Do it online.’ I am certain that no one will wish to read up their ebooks (or pdfs) through web-based applications. Google is introducing Chrome OS through Netbooks, which are meant for surfing and internet purposes. So visions like ‘Windows Vs Chrome OS’ is unjustified in itself.

Chrome OS and Windows

Chrome OS and Windows

Hoping that this product will give good turn out.
-Ankur Goel


I just spotted Google’s new logo (for the day) on Google’s site. Google’s documentation for this is as follows:


The 47 million year old fossilized remains of a primate is seen at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Feast your eyes on what a group of scientists call the Holy Grail of human evolution.

A team of researchers Tuesday unveiled an almost perfectly intact fossil of a 47 million-year-old primate they say represents the long-sought missing link between humans and apes.

Officially known as Darwinius masillae, the fossil of the lemur-like creature dubbed Ida shows it had opposable thumbs like humans and fingernails instead of claws.

Scientists say the cat-sized animal’s hind legs offer evidence of evolutionary changes that led to primates standing upright – a breakthrough that could finally confirm Charles Darwin‘s theory of evolution.

“This specimen is like finding the Lost Ark for archeologists,” lead scientist Jorn Hurum said at a ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History.

“It is the scientific equivalent of the Holy Grail. This fossil will probably be the one that will be pictured in all textbooks for the next 100 years.”

A team of amateur fossil hunters discovered the near-perfect remains inside a mile-wide crater outside of Frankfurt in 1983.

Experts believe the pit was a volcanic caldera where scores of animals from the Eocene epoch were killed and their remains were kept remarkably well-preserved.

Though the pit has been a bountiful source of other fossils, the inexperienced archeologists didn’t realize the value of their find.

Years later, the University of Oslo bought the 95%-intact fossil, and Hurum studied it in secret for two years.

His colleague, Jens Franzen, hailed the discovery as “the eighth wonder of the world.”

“We’re not dealing with our grand, grand, grandmother, but perhaps with our grand, grand, grand aunt,” Franzen said.

The unveiling of the fossil came as part of a carefully-orchestrated publicity campaign unusual for scientific discoveries.

A History Channel film on the discovery will air next week.

A book release and a slew of other documentaries will follow.

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Fact: First google computerized logo was designed by Sergey Brin in 1988 using GIMP. GIMP is an image editor software used in most of Linux distributions. I do not know about this much but GIMP interface is perfect, just like Adobe Photoshop offers. Personally, I am using the same in Ubuntu.

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